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Charger Manufacturers Visual Identification:


Over time, chargers can become unrecognizable as a result of re-painting, damaged or missing data plates, etc., making identification difficult. These are samples of various chargers produced over the past 35 years from the top manufacturers and brand names to aid in identifying which make or model you have.




Ferro Five (no relation to Ferro Magnetics)


CEN/Chloride/AES - Applied Energy Solutions:




Exide NPC single phase:


Exide NPC three phase:


Exide System 1000 / single phase (also see Hertner version):


Exide System 3000 three phase (also see Hertner version):


Exide Depth Charger - D3:


Exide Load Hog:


General (Exide):


Exide SSC 16hr:


Ferro Magnetics:

Varta, Crown, GNB, Pac Chloride, Power Factor, and other private labels:





KR, HKR, YKR, System 1000, 3000, Auto 1000, 3000, 6000, etc.

Hertner System 1000 (also see Exide version):

Hertner System 3000 (also see Exide version):


Hobart TRY, Gould GFC, Accu-Charge, Battery Mate:




MAC/Motor Appliance Corp.:


North East:




PEP - Charger Sentry Control:


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